Staff Directory

  Tina Anderson

1st Grade

  Matt Autrey

Spanish / MS Soccer

  Andrea Billups

Administrative Assistant

  Angela Branch


  Becky Brown

Media Specialist / Yearbook

  Anna Chambless

Business Manager

  Steve Cole

MS Science

  Ryan DeMarco

History / Director of Admissions

  Brian Dolinger

Head of School

  Tippi Faucette

7th gr. – US Spanish

  Kelly Finley


  Stacy Goodwin

LS Classroom Assistant

  Shay Hess

2nd Grade

  Jane Hudson


  Janice Ingram

US Science

  Deanna Kelly

5th Grade

  Anna Kirkpatrick

LS Spanish / Yearbook

  Teresa Krizay

US English / College Counselor

  Sam Lee

MS / US Music Ensemble

  Jayne Lewis

AP Statistics /Advanced Math

  Will Long

Basketball (MS/V boys / Cross Country / PE

  Brandon Lybrand

MS History / Baseball Coach / PE

  Mel Major

Dean of Students / Geometry / PE / Girls Basketball Coach

  Earl Marsh

AP English

  Mickey McCoy

MS Science / Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  Kay Miller

3 rd-5th Grade Reading

  Lisa Moody

LS Classroom Assistant

   Melissa Moore

1st Grade

  Anne O’Brien

MS Math

  Cathy Otto


  Charles Parker

Dean of Students / Athletic Director / Softball Coach

  Rita Parmer

STEM Teacher

  Gail Rachmuth


  Jorine Silcox

3 rd-5th Grade Language Arts

  Jennifer Smith

US Math, Science, Physics / School Registrar

  Trish Trotter



Beth Tures

MS English / Communications

  Alyese Wilkerson