March 26, 2019


Tiffany Ammerman
K-12 Art
Tina Anderson
First Grade
Louis Barnett
K-12 Music
April Beasley
Library Media Specialist/Instructional Technology
Matthew Beasley
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Angela Branch
Amy Chamblee
MS/HS Social Studies
Ryan Chamblee
Director of Operations
Anna Chambless
Director of Finance
Brian Dolinger
Head of School
Christy Dolinger
Latin/MS Math
Tippi Faucette
MS/US Spanish
Munira Fidahussein
Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus
Kelly Finley
K-12 Theater
Jill Gay
4th/5th Language Arts
Stacey Goodwin
4th/5th Math
Shay Hess
Second Grade
Sarah Holle
Second Grade
Jane Hudson
Megan Hubbard
Director of Advancement
Janice Ingram
US Science
Erika Jones
Pre-K Assistant
Deanna Kelly
4th/5th Science/Social Studies
Ken Klinger
Boys Basketball / Tennis / Cross Country
Teresa Krizay
US English/ College Counselor
Sam Lee
MS/US Music Ensemble
Jayne Lewis
US Math
Mel Major
US/MS Math
Earl Marsh
AP English
Mickey McCoy
US Leadership Teacher
Rian Meginley
US Science/MS Science
Kay Miller
Third Grade
Lisa Moody
LS Classroom Assistant
Melissa Moore
First Grade
Cathy Otto
Charles Parker
Athletic Director/Dean of Students
Anna Pearce
LS/MS Spanish
Maddy Plemons
Pre-K Assistant
Haley Prescott
Administrative Assistant
Jorine Silcox
Learning Support
Katherine Stanford
Director of Admissions/Registrar
Trish Trotter
Beth Tures
MS English
Ashley Vaughan
LS STEAM/6th Grade Science