Donor Report 2015/2016

LaGrange Academy Annual Fund and Restricted Giving Donors

In spite of our efforts to avoid errors and omissions, we may have made a mistake. If your name was omitted or listed incorrectly, please notify our Head of School, so that we can correct it. Thank you again for making an investment in the students and faculty of LaGrange Academy. You are truly making a difference in our community!

Annual Fund donations are unrestricted gifts made to the Annual Giving fund drive, exclusive of the Tower Shoot and Auction. Restricted donations are gifts made for a specific purpose, such as a particular sport or a specific piece of classroom equipment.

Founder: Gifts of $5,000 or More

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation
Callaway Foundation, Inc.
Richard and Janice Ingram
Jamie and Melissa Keating
Phil and Harriet Langford
Tom and Pat Malone
Milliken & Company
Connor and Marian Smith
Al and Ginger Zachry

Sustainer: Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Brian and Lisa Allardice
Andre and Lyss Feria
Wayne and Sylvia Hunter
Pradip Kamat and Madhavi Naik
Walmart Distribution Center
Jeff and Carmen Wilson

Patron: Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

James and Leslie Bendell
Daniel and Cherri Breland in honor of Collier and Thomas Baker
Stuart and Dana Countess
Nancy Dwyer
Greer, Rob and Liz
Brant and Meg Kelsey
Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia
Edwin and Tiffany MaDan
John and Gail McDonald
Madhav and Hema Naik
Don and Connie Olinger
Carl and Christie Parke
Charles and Jeannie Smith
John and Carol Tures
John and Donna Whitlow

Benefactor: Gifts of $500 to $999

Bowen and Sarah Beall/Beall Dental Center
Youndeog Cho and Young Hee Kim
Jay and Jill Harman
Colville and Vivian Harrell
John and Catherine Holmes
Ken Horlander and Anna Kao
Chris Jones
Jong Hun Joo and Nahyeon Kim
Gerald and Phyllis Langberg
Chuck and Kathy Newman
Abayomi and Clare Oshinowo
Byron and Ashley Reed
Felton Sims
Sonja Sims
Larry and Tiffany Smith
Cory and Jenni Spears in honor of Eli Spears
SunTrust Foundation
The Tharpe Family Fund
Amir Usman and Qudsia Syed

Warrior: Gifts of $250 to $499

Jamin and Michelle Blair
John and Hang Dunn
Phyllis Greer
Heo, Donghwan and Booyong Lee
Teresa Krizay
Dennis and Karen McBride
Mickey McCoy
Leon and Lisa Moody
Louis and Gail Rachmuth
Joe and Tina Ragland
Helen Roberts in honor of Zachary Hansen
Sandra Schmitz
Josh and Mandie Sells
Edward and Laura Smith
Trotter Foundation, Inc. (Billy Trotter)
Brian and Fiona Wilson

Friend: Gifts of $1 to $249

Anonymous (2)
Winton and Judy Akers
Roland and Frankie Ashmore in honor of Andrew and Laura Knight
Jack Bagley
Regenia Barninger
Paul and Sandy Blair
Angie Branch
Jim Briggs
Becky Brown
Luigi and Ada Carpana
Anna Chambless
Missy Cochran
Steve Cole
Ben and Nicole Comerford
Sara Cook
Thomas and Xiaoping Daugherty
Bill and Nonnie Dorsey
Kevin and Julie Eckleberry
Stephen Edelson and Leslie Schwartz
Tippi Anne Faucette
Britt Gaylor
Ken and Cheryl Gordon
Wayne and Sallie Hadden
John and Pat Hagler
Paul and Marcia Hansen
Linda Hart in honor of Emma Hart
Brent and Shay Hess
Philip and Shirley Hudgins in honor of Alex Brock
Jane Hudson
Matthew and Lorie Hulsey
Karon Jamison
Lee and Jennifer Johnson
Bud and Willa Jones
Jake and Liz Jones
Deanna Kelly
Kunsoo Kim and Bosu Yang
Anna Kirkpatrick
Brandon Lybrand
Paul and Katie Major
Earl Marsh
Troy and Jennifer Martin
Zachry and Annie Mattox
Barbara McCown
Mac McGowan and Laura Adams
Taylor and Judith Merrill
Lesia Mikell
Stan and Kay Miller
Raymond and Jackie Moody
James C. Morgan
James and Kelly Morgan
Fayedra Mumme
Huby and Beth Nasworthy
Carol Niehaus
Bill and Cathy Otto
Young Jun Park and Jin Ha Yim in honor of our family
Charles and Teresa Parker
Richard and Rita Parmer
Dodie Patterson
Amy Peek
Mike and Catherine Petite
Jane Pitts
Brennen Salter
Sonny and Bartha Scanlon
Tom and Gina Settlemyre
Jorine Silcox
Charles and Casey Smith
Randy and Jennifer Smith
John and Beth Tures
Billy and Carlene Williams in honor of Brayden and Grayson Salter
John Williams
Sandra Wilson in honor of Maya Turner
Melvin and Sue Woodfin
Nick and Joan Woodson
Linda Yawn
Matching Gift Corporations
Milliken and Company
Gifts in Memory of Savanna Jones
Sandra Jones
Linda Smith