February 3, 2022


Thank you for considering a LaGrange Academy education for your family. For most families, investing in an independent school education requires careful financial planning. As you will learn through the admissions process, families find great value in the LaGrange Academy educational experience and the distinctive way in which we prepare our students for the future.

As a school, we seek to admit talented and motivated students, regardless of family resources. Central to preparing our students for this world is creating a socioeconomically diverse academic community. In fact, research has proven that a diverse environment leads to better learning outcomes for all students. Therefore, families who feel the full tuition cost is out of their reach should not hesitate to visit or apply to the school. We are here to help you determine the best options for your family with this very important educational investment.

Tuition Financial Assistance

LaGrange Academy is committed to enrolling a diverse and talented student body. We strive to make this educational experience accessible and affordable to all families regardless of their socio-economic status. A family paying full tuition does not need to undertake the steps described in this section. The following explains the process for determining the financial assistance available for those families who feel it may be appropriate for them.

In order to assess what a family can afford for educational costs, LaGrange Academy uses SSS by NAIS as an objective and independent third party. SSS by NAIS calculations is the baseline for our indexed tuition determinations, but we also take into consideration our school’s policies and the resources available for returning families as well as applicant families.

LaGrange Academy cannot make a tuition financial assistance determination until an application is complete and on file. Notification of determinations will be released on the same schedule as admission decision letters. Although decisions about admission and financial assistance are made at the same time, the two processes are separate. All of the financial information families provide us will be held in strict confidence and will NOT be shared with anyone outside of the Financial Aid Committee.

Complete the SSS application form online and pay the $55.00 processing fee at https://sssandtadsfa.force.com/familyportal on NAIS’s secure website. After applying, please mail, fax, or drop off the required forms including a complete 1040 tax return and W-2 statement. Based on the submitted application SSS makes a recommendation to the Financial Aid Committee. Parents are notified of their tuition financial assistance decision by mail and/or email. The decision is held in the strictest confidence by the committee.

Financial Aid FAQ’s

Financial aid is an award based on a family’s demonstrated need, as determined from SSS by NAIS calculations, tax returns, and LaGrange Academy’s Financial Aid Committee. Financial aid is an award, not a loan, and therefore, is not paid back to the school.
“Demonstrated need” is defined as the difference between the annual tuition and the amount a family can be expected to contribute to the cost of the student’s education. The Financial Aid application and tax returns are used to determine need.
LaGrange Academy's Financial Aid is need-based. We do offer a need-based Callaway Scholarship. See below for details. We do not offer merit-based scholarships for academic, athletic, or artistic ability.
None. The Admissions process is distinct and separate from the Financial Aid process.
Yes. Because a family’s financial circumstances are subject to change, we require reapplication for financial aid each year. If your family’s financial situation remains stable, you can expect relatively the same percentage of financial aid, understanding tuition and fees are subject to a possible increase each year.
Recognizing that each parent bears a responsibility for financing a student’s education, financial information from all family members is required to provide LaGrange Academy’s Financial Aid Committee with a full picture of the family resources. Custodial and non-custodial parents (regardless of legal settlements, who are divorced, separated, or never married) must submit their own Financial Aid application. The Financial Aid Committee will consider all household assets in determining need.

Callaway Scholarship

Through the generous support of the Callaway Foundation, we have a need-based scholarship available to new middle and upper school students that are planning to enroll with our school. The steps to qualify for this scholarship are:

Additional Expenses/Fees

Payment Schedule

  1. One payment – A lump-sum payment is due annually by July 1.
  2. Three payments – each due by July 1, November 1, and March 1.
  3. Ten payments – each due by July 1 through May 1 (excluding February, when re-enrollment registration fee is due). Ten-month payment schedule includes a monthly 4.5% finance charge.

The following is the payment schedule after the initial $500 enrollment deposit is paid:

Parent Referral Appreciation Program

The greatest compliment you can give LaGrange Academy is a positive referral to a new family. More important than a billboard, print ad, or online marketing, we know that your referrals are the most effective ways to encourage new families to join our school. We would like to express our appreciation in a special way. For every fully enrolled, new student that lists you as the reason they have come to LaGrange Academy, we will provide a $500 tuition credit to your account.

Further Details for the Program:

  • The $500 tuition credit will be granted to the family identified by the newly enrolled family.
  • The tuition credit is granted for every referred student, even if multiple students are from the same family.
  • The tuition credits can be stacked up to the total tuition owed, resulting in greater credits for families referring multiple students.
  • If there are more than one referring family listed, the credit will be equally distributed.
  • The credit will only apply for the first year of attendance for the newly enrolled student.
  • The program takes effect beginning with applications received on 4/21/22.