March 26, 2019

Staff Directory

Tiffany Ammerman
LS-MS STEM and K-1st Art
Tina Anderson
First Grade
Louis Barnett
K-12 Music
April Beasley
Library Media Specialist/Instructional Technology
Matthew Beasley
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Andrea Billups
Director of Admissions and Registrar
Angela Branch
Amy Chamblee
MS Social Studies
Ryan Chamblee
Director of Operations
Anna Chambless
Director of Finance
Brian Dolinger
Head of School
Christy Dolinger
8th Grade Science / Media Specialist
Tippi Faucette
MS/US Spanish
Munira Fidahussein
Kelly Finley
Jill Gay
4th and 5th Grade Language Arts
Stacey Goodwin
LS Classroom Assistant
Shay Hess
Second Grade
Sarah Holle
Classroom Assistant
Jane Hudson
Megan Hubbard
Janice Ingram
US Science
Coming Soon!
4th and 5th Grade Math
Ken Klinger
Boys Basketball / Tennis / Cross Country
Teresa Krizay
US English, Computer Science and College Counselor
Sam Lee
MS/US Music Ensemble
Jayne Lewis
US Math
Mel Major
US Math / MS Engineering
Earl Marsh
AP English
Mickey McCoy
US Leadership Teacher
Kay Miller
Third Grade Language Arts and Reading
Erika Jones
4th and 5th Grade Science and Social Studies
Lisa Moody
LS Classroom Assistant
Coming Soon!
US Science/MS Science
Melissa Moore
First Grade
Cathy Otto
Charles Parker
Athletic Director / Dean of Students
Anna Pearce
LS Spanish
Maddy Plemons
LS Classroom Assistant
Haley Prescott
Administrative Assistant
Jorine Silcox
Learning Support
Trish Trotter
Beth Tures
MS English
Ashley Vaughan
3rd Grade