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We always seek talented, positive, caring educators to join us at LaGrange Academy. If you want to apply for a full-time, part-time, or substitute teaching position, please fill out our employee application for a few minutes. 

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Current Openings

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

The Lower/Middle School Spanish Instructor reports to his/her prospective Division Director and is responsible for, but not limited to, the following.

Job Duties:

  • They instill a love of language acquisition in our students.
  • Teach the Spanish language and culture.
  • Plan, prepare, and create activities for multiple levels of Spanish classes daily, teaching lessons that correspond with the school's curriculum.
  • Monitor students' progress lesson-by-lesson, offering extra practice and instruction when needed.
  • Create, administer, and grade writing, speaking, reading, and listening evaluations, tests, and quizzes.
  • Offer individual assistance outside of class to students who need extra help.
  • Communicate with students, advisors, and parents through comments, emails, phone calls, and conferences. 
  • Accept assignments and duties as determined by the Division Director, including study halls and various halls, lunch, and after-school patrols.
  • Be personally and professionally aware of our school-aged students' emotional and intellectual stages.
  • Support their achievements, correct their mistakes, and recognize their uncertainties and fears.
  • Integrate technology into all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Utilize technology to increase productivity, efficacy, and efficiency (including email, word processing, presentation, and communication software).
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Division Director or the Head of School.

Professional Expectations:

  • Arrive punctually and leave after the official school day, which assumes being prepared for classes.
  • After-school availability is assumed to assist students and meet with teachers, parents, and/or administrators.
  • Dress professionally
  • Professional attitude must be maintained but ought to be mixed with informal exchanges that are pleasant and respectful.
  • Recognize that extracurricular activities are essential for students and teachers. Students appreciate their interest in these activities.
  • Recognize the importance of appropriate relationships with parents.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Applicants should have a degree in Spanish or equivalent experience and be proficient in Spanish. 
  • Teaching experience is preferred, but not required.


  • Ability to read & comprehend the English language
  • Acceptable pre-established work habits
  • Ability to relate to others in an acceptable manner
  • Ability to accept and pass written and verbal instructions on to others to others
  • Good general health and personal hygiene
  • Medium Work: Occasional lifting of 50 lbs; frequent lifting of 25 lbs

Job Duties:

  • Reports To: Head of School
  • Job Goal: To carry out appropriate custodial duties needed to enhance the building and grounds' appearance to provide a safe, secure, and wholesome learning environment in support of the school's mission
  • Cleans: Classrooms, bathrooms, laboratories, offices, corridors, gyms, locker/shower rooms, cafeterias, walls, windows, outside grounds, and other areas within the school in accordance with assigned schedules and/or as directed by Head of School
  • Give attention to cross ventilation, indoor air quality & general classroom appearance.
  • Flush all floor drains throughout the building periodically.
  • Keep dumpsters immediately outside of campus and grounds policed of unsightly paper, trash, and other debris.
  • Maintain proper safety with all equipment and materials used to perform tasks.
  • Keep equipment clean and in good working order.
  • Check to be sure there is no water left running.
  • Perform any other duties assigned.
  • Moves equipment & furniture for the rearranging of offices & classrooms and for cleaning.
  • Changes light bulbs as needed to include exit lights and signs.