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Where Students and Education Come First

We are so excited that you are actively learning more about LaGrange Academy and all the wonderful things happening here. The collective nature of all we offer is called the “LaGrange Academy Difference.” Many students and parents describe it as a feeling experienced as soon as one walks on campus. Your child’s education is of the utmost importance to us, and we take our responsibility in that partnership very seriously.

Why Choose an Independent School?

Your child will be known, loved, and challenged at an independent school.
At Lagrange Academy, you’ll find smaller classes, a safe environment, and a welcoming community where our excellent teachers get to know your child for a year and through the years. Students at LaGrange Academy are excited to come to school and are challenged to learn and grow in exceptional ways.

Independent schools prepare students not just for college but for life.
Teachers at LaGrange Academy nurture intellectual curiosity, encourage personal growth, and foster character development. In addition to our superior academics, all students can participate in a wide range of activities — athletics, theater, music, art, STEAM classes, and community service — where they learn teamwork and develop leadership skills that serve them throughout their lives.

Your child will be valued as an individual.
LaGrange Academy welcomes students of diverse backgrounds, interests, and cultures, creating a community that reflects our increasingly diverse world. Diverse communities enhance learning and enrich the understanding of others, preparing today’s children to live and work in a global economy.

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) recommends that you ask these key questions during your search for the right school:

  • Do students feel challenged by their school?
  • Are the teachers of high quality and committed?
  • Does the school have a low student-to-teacher ratio?
  • Do parents, teachers, and students share a strong partnership?
  • Does the school climate support achievement?

At LaGrange Academy, we can proudly answer yes to all of these questions. We are committed to providing a superior education in a caring, cooperative, and stimulating environment, emphasizing strong moral and ethical values while instilling a life-long love of learning. 

What Makes Us Different?



  • Ranked one of the best private schools in Georgia by, the highest ranking in the area
  • Troup County’s only independent college preparatory school
  • Sense of community and trust where there are no locks on lockers
  • 97% student involvement in athletics, arts, and clubs
  • 31% diversity rate among the student body
  • 11:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Average of 21 years of teaching experience per teacher

Upper School

  • A variety of AP courses offered in all five core academic disciplines
  • SAT scores averaged 100- 200 points higher than Troup Co., the State of Georgia, and the national average over the past five years
  • ACT scores average five points above the state average over the past five years
  • Graduates are awarded, on average, $40,000 in scholarships from accepted colleges. (Not including Hope or Zell)
  • All students are issued a Chromebook to supplement their educational experience
  • Consistently advancing to the GISA State Literary Competition
  • A variety of competitive team sports offered that consistently compete at the regional and state level

Middle School

  • Field trips are designed to reinforce classroom themes: Ex-Savannah, Washington DC, NASA Space Museum
  • Math curriculum allows students to excel at their individual pace
  • 6th-8th grades have daily Spanish instruction
  • An Interscholastic athletic program beginning in 6th grade with a no-cut policy for all sports
  • A wide range of Fine Arts classes are available
  • Experiential science instruction with frequent hands-on, interactive labs
  • Specialized instruction in choral and orchestra music is available
  • All students K-8 participate in our STEAM program

Lower School

  • Our class sizes allow for a strong student-to-teacher ratio. This helps with individualized instruction, which allows for increased opportunities for accelerated growth.
  • Reading Counts program begins in 1st grade
  • Field trips are designed to reinforce classroom themes
  • Pre-School program integrates into the Lower School curriculum
  • Enrichment classes for lower school include music, art, STEAM, drama, library, and Physical Education. A subject-specific instructor teaches each class and meets multiple times each week.
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