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Jane Hudson

Teaching Background: 

  • LaGrange Academy Teacher of the Year
  • 12 years with LaGrange Academy
  • 5 years of Special Education Experience


About Me: 

I love the excitement when a child learns something new. I love teaching children that learning can be fun.  I love having relationships with the students and their families. I like spending time with family, reading, watching movies, cooking, and outside activities. 

Lisa Moody

Teaching Experience:

  • 14 years at LaGrange Academy in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Middle School.

About Me:

I love seeing students excited about learning and happy to be at school! In kindergarten, it is especially exciting to see students learning to read! Planning field trips and art activities are fun extras too!  I enjoy giving back to LaGrange Academy as I graduated from LaGrange Academy and all 4 of our children were educated at LaGrange Academy. I love to read, play games, and travel.

Cathy Otto

Teaching Background:

LaGrange City School - Teacher of the Year
Troup County School - Teacher of the Year

About Me:

Being in a classroom with my students is my "HAPPY PLACE."  There are so many reasons I enjoy teaching.  First, teaching is very rewarding.  What could be more fulfilling than having the opportunity to make a positive difference in a child's life?  I love seeing a child's excitement when a new concept is learned, and I hear them say, "I can do it."  I have loved every day that I have been in the classroom.  I look forward to coming to LaGrange Academy and participating in this community.   Teaching is so much more than a job for me; it is fun, exciting, and the very best career you could ever have.  I have a sign in my classroom that reads, "This is my happy place! " I strive to make it a happy place for all of my students.  I sincerely want my students to love to learn as much as I love to teach!

1st Grade

Tina Anderson

Teacher Background:

  • 14 years of teaching experience

About Me:

I love the unique relationships that are formed with each child. It is my goal for each child to feel safe and loved in my classroom. That's why I feel honored when a student accidentally calls me "mama/mommy!" One of the biggest joys in teaching little ones is seeing that moment when the "light" comes on in a child's mind as they come to understand a skill/concept that was once a struggle. You just can't find a job more rewarding! I love spending time with my family, especially when it comes to cheering on the Braves!   

2nd Grade

Shay Hess

Teaching Background:

  • 34 years of teaching experience
  • 2x Teacher of the Year at LaGrange Academy
  • Has taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

About Me: 

I love being around children! I'm an avid reader of a wide variety and genre of books, Harry Potter stole my heart and soul. I read an average of five books a week. I love my job and struggle with the balance of work and personal life. I see the potential at LA and strive daily -for years- to help attain that vision.

3rd Grade

Kay Miller

Teaching Background:

  • 37 years teaching - all in independent schools

About Me:

I love teaching new ideas and providing strategies to help students achieve greater independence and success.  I especially enjoy watching students light up excited when a difficult concept gives way to understanding. In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren.  As a music lover, I really enjoy attending concerts of any kind. I also love traveling and browsing through antique stores.

4th Grade

Jill Gay

Teaching Background:

  • 2017 Teacher of the Year - Troup County Schools
  • 31 years of teaching

About Me:

In my 31 years of teaching, I can honestly say I've never had one dull day!  Teaching is a lot like being at Six Flags---thrilling, filled with unexpected twists and turns, the time flies, and you feel like a kid again!  Being around kids daily makes me feel young and energetic, and I love forming close relationships with my students, parents, and coworkers. In my free time, I enjoy searching for unique finds at antique shops, decorating my house, listening to podcasts, watching true crime, discovering house-cleaning hacks, and spending time on the lake. If I had to pick a favorite sport, I would choose SHOPPING!  

5th Grade

Sharon Muncus

Teaching Background:

  • Over the last couple of years, I have supported students through reading support services. 

About Me: 

I enjoy watching students who surpass their potential and develop the confidence to attempt new things. I like to engage them in discussion groups, so they can be exposed to others' ideas and apply what they learn in class.

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